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thinkingarchitects is a young creativestudio located in Poznan, Poland, founded in 2011 by architectJakub Gwizdała.In 2010 Jakub Gwizdała defended M.Sc. thesis under conduct ofarchitect Robert Konieczny ( the same year Jakub – connected with the firm of MichaelCierkosz Diagram (now Brandsquare) has been dealing with the thevisual identification and visual information systems.The main fields of activity in past projects lay in visualinformation systems and a widely understood user-centred design.Recent designs deal also with single family housing.Thinking is a design-thinking group of architects andinformation architects, that aims to optimise processes and createinnovative solutions for:space – architecture, urban planning, interiorsinteraction with users, user experienceinformation and its architectureservices & productsWe manage design and solve problems. We believe, that EVERYPROBLEM CONTAINS THE SOLUTION. Finding it – is what we call“DESIGN”.e-mail: thinking.architects@op.plmobile: 0048 607211511We care about YOUR SPACE.We come up with designs that are optimal, sustainable, notonly in materials and cost, but also spatially.Our goal is to take care of your space and create solutionsthat work well, in which you feel comfortable, while maintaininghigh aesthetic standards. We keep our finger on the pulse – we usethe latest software, often free, which is still in the testingphase – because it allows us to predict the functioning of thefacility after construction, to reduce its energy needs, providelight, to make better use of materials, to solve the problems offunction and form.With every project we work on 3D models – we can not imagineworking on a space without predicting it, so we build a virtualobject, since the very beginning of design, in order to betterunderstand what we create then in reality. We take care about thespace.OUR MOTTO: „1.think„We believe that good design also costs reasonable in buildingphase. What’s more, often less thoughtful and less expensiveprojects are more expensive to make, because they do not resultfrom the rational and appropriate intellectual contribution to theproject and the design process. For this reason, weTHINK at the very beginning of the project activities. Wecommunicate with clients to determine their needs. We analyse thesurroundings, light, environment, urban context, materials – todefine problems, and find the best answers, for both: users and theplace. The good thought put in a small scale effect (a file, andpaper documentation) in the design, can include a CODE, which willdevelop into a large-scale project. The quality of the code dependson thinking.We make sure that every project include optimal andthoughtful solutions to increase the efficiency of the entireproject. Therefore, we are convinced, that any project that leadsto the change of existing reality should be made on the basis ofgood design concept.THINK ABOUT THE WALL AND WINDOW.We believe that „bigger” doesn’t mean „better”, so we focuson the quality of the project and not the amount of square meters.We know that one design unevens other design. Even a simple wallcan be used for better or worse, or seemingly ordinary window canbe in good or bad place in the building, so we want – usingstandard architectural means – „to squeeze maximum out” not onlyfunctionally and economically, but also with impressions, emotions,sentiment – with every wall and every window. If the wall and thewindow can be used better, as we can all benefit from completelythoughtful design?BUILDING and CREATING GOOD ANDBAD.We believe that a well-designed and sustainable building withgood architecture is not more expensive than a bad one, which ispoorly utilizing thermal energy or materials, or simplyinconvenient. We know that the difference between them lies inquality of thinking during the conceptual phase, the meaning oftheir space and the way, and in the way, that architect cares aboutthe space. Though often a good design during design phase is moreexpensive, in the second phase of the project – realisation – it isin the construction and use of energy and materials that all thedifferences come out with redoubled force. Remember: not thedesigners will have daily contact with what you will build, but youand other users will. The building will stand for tens or hundretsof years, and the design ends often before the building „is born”.We believe it is worth to put a bit more and take care about thefuture.REGULAR DESIGNS COMPARING TO OURWORK.You can buy a ready-to-build-design from any catalogue, butyou will save on the only apparently. Poorly thought-out houseshave a complex body, consume a lot of energy and cost a lot tobuild.The more efficient (in any way) building you want to build,the more you need an architect.We put ourselves in your situation. We know that each windowcosts, and so each wall. So maybe you want to think along with uson how to make better use of your money? It might be worthwhile tobuild a house of 20m2 smaller but more economical, more functional,less expensive to maintain?WE BELIEVE IN YOU!We hope that you notice the difference between good and badarchitecture, between good and bad design, between good and badsolutions. We believe, that is why you have come to ourwebsite.